Section One: About the Conference

Question 1.1: How many people attend the conference?
Answer: We aim to manage the number of attendees in such a way that both the technical programme and the associated social programme can run smoothly, and that delegates can network comfortably with one another. Our events generally have an attendance of approximately 250-300 people.

Question 1.2: Do you have records of previous events?
Answer: Yes. You can find a listing of our previous events on this page.

Question 1.3: Does North Sea Conference and Journal offer scholarship opportunities?
Answer: No. However, NSCJ does offer a discount registration for students. If you register as a student, you are automatically enrolled to offer up to six hours volunteering to assist the conference team.

Section Two: Abstracts, Submissions

Question 2.1: When will I be notified of the acceptance of my abstract?
Answer: Typically, this will take 5-10 business day from the point of submission. The reason for this is that the abstract will be reviewed by the scientific committee, which has an international selection of members. Thus, we must allow time for the committee to communicate across several different timezones.

Question 2.2: Can I submit more than one abstract?
Answer: Yes. However, please be aware that our submission system (for both Energy8 and Mechanics1) will require you to use a different e-mail address for each abstract.

Question 2.3: What is the minimum/maximum number of words for an abstract?
Answer:  Ideally 250–350 words.

Question 2.4: Can I submit my abstract after the deadline?
Answer: We would encourage everyone to adhere to the deadline, but any abstracts submitted late with valid reasoning will be discussed. Ultimately the decision will be made by the conference organising committee, and you will be notified by email. Should you have any questions about this then please do not hesitate to contact us at

Question 2.5: Can I submit a paper that has already been submitted for publication in another journal?
Answer: Unfortunately not. Only unpublished and original work will be accepted for publication.

Question 2.6: Can I request for a particular time and date for presentation before the conference?
Answer: Yes, we will try our best to accommodate your request. However, this will not apply to late proposals.

Question 2.7: Why are there different submission deadlines?
Answer: We have a number of different deadlines due to the sheer volume of abstract submissions recieved. This allows the scientific commitee sufficient time to evaluate submissions in a staggered order, as opposed to working through a huge backlog.

Section Three: Publication

Question 3.1: Will my full paper be published after the presentation?
Answer: Papers that are submitted to the journal have a chance to be published. Also, if your presentation stands out, our team will contact you during the event to see if you wish to be published. You will need to submit your full paper to the Journal where the editor will decide whether it matches the criteria for the current JECM issue. Follow this link to download our template and find out more about the submissions process.

Question 3.2: Can I publish more than one paper at a time?
Answer: Yes, but additional publication fees will apply. Please visit the Journal website for more details.

Question 3.3: What is the maximum number of authors for a full paper publication?
Answer: There are no limits on the number of authors for a paper.

Question 3.4: Where can I find previous Journals that have been published
Answer: You can find the previous releases of the eJournal here. The past three volumes are located at the bottom of the page, or you can use the menu bar on the left of the screen.

Question 3.5: What is the journal impact factor?
Answer: We are working on the journal to be included in the ISI citation index.
Section Four: Registration and On-site Registration

Question 4.1: What is your billing currency?
Answer: All payments are to be made in British Pound Sterling (GBP £) only.

Question 4.2: What form of payment do you accept?
Answer: We accept payment by bank transfer as well as debit/credit card (Visa and MasterCard).

Question 4.3: What does the registration fee include?
Answer: The conference registration fee gives the delegates access to all conference sessions, the conference badge, coffee breaks and lunches, conference proceedings, discounts for full paper publication in the Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics, the conference dinner, as well as entry to social events and visits to the local area (if registered for these).

Question 4.4: Is it possible to register on site?
Answer: On-site registrations are accepted but discouraged. Please note that this option is open to non-presenting delegates only. On-site registration also requires cash payment, as there will be no card payment facilities on site.

Question 4.5: Do you offer invitation/visa letters to delegates?
Answer: Yes, to delegates who have fully completed their conference registration. Details can be viewed here.

Question 4.6: Do you offer visa invitation letters to accompanying persons, like spouse and children (age above 18)?
Answer: Yes. However, please note that accompanying persons can only join conference lunches and social activities, not the scientific sessions, as a result of number restrictions. Pre-booking is required.

Question 4.7: Can you offer visa letters to my colleagues who are interested to attend the conference?
Answer: Yes, if they are above 18 years of age and register as a non-speaking delegate.

Question 4.8: Can you issue a paid receipt to me after the conference?
Answer: Yes, as an electronic copy. You must present your invoice number, which is also the registration number, in order for the receipt to be issued.

Question 4.9: Is a group discount available?
Answer: Yes, for a minimum of twelve persons. Payments should be made collectively with names inclusive. Please contact us at

Question 4.10: Can I request a certificate of attendance?
Answer: Yes, those who register will be asked whether they want to have a certificate printed for them when completing our registration process. These certificates are printed by request through our system so if you don’t opt in there will be no certificate in your welcome pack. Electronic versions can also be issued; if you wish to receive an electronic copy, you will need to request one from us at

Question 4.11: Can I register my family on-site for the social activities
Answer: You can do on-site registration for only the social activities. On-site registration for the social activites is limited to availability, we would highly encourage you to prebook so you don't miss out.





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