1. Abstract submission is mandatory for both oral and poster presentations (full paper submission is optional).

  2. You can download the abstract template from here. The abstract will be posted on the conference website once accepted. You can submit the abstract in either English or English-Chinese bilingual (preferred). The conference may provide Chinese translation if only English version is received. Word counts in English version of the abstract must be between 250 and 350.

  3. The presenter should also sent a self-photo and bio-sketch, which will be posted on the conference website together with the accepted abstract.

  4. Arrange the self-photo to be 120 X 150 pixel in dimension. The vertical distance between eyes and the top photo edge, the vertical distance between eyes and the chin; and the vertical distance between the chin and the bottom edge should be the same roughly, as in this sample photo to the right .

  5. The template for bio-sketch can be downloaded from here.

  6. Using the presenter's name, name the following
    abstract file: abstract_FirstnameLastname.doc
    bio-sketch file: FirstnameLastname.doc
    photo file: FirstnameLastname.jpg

  7. Please be noted that yor submission will NOT be considered if the abstract, or bio-sketch or photo do not follow the instruction (or do not use the templates).

  8. Abstract and bio-sketch (in Microsoft Word format), together with the presenter's photo (in JPEG format), should be submitted to ecm4abstract@nscj.co.uk
  9. In the submission, please state the preferred session for presentation.

  10. The Symposium Chairman, or a member of the Conference Scientific Committee, or the session chair will evaluate the scientific quality of the submitted abstracts on the basis of the following criteria: novelty of the research, significance of the findings, and clarity of writing.

  11. Poster template can be downloaded from here.

  12. You may start to prepare the full paper submission (optional) after the abstract has been accepted.

  13. The copyright of Abstract belongs to the author(s). The North Sea Conference & Journal (NSCJ) Ltd has a right to post the abstract on the conference website. NSCJ also has a right to provide language translation if not provided originally.

  14. If you have any questions left open, please do not hesitate to contact the Symposium Chairman at h.tan@nscj.co.uk.


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