Full Paper Publication

  1. You may wish to submit a full paper to accompany your presentation at the conference, though this is optional. Your submitted manuscript must be original. If your co-authors are not attending the conference, please ensure they have agreed for the paper to be submitted to NSCJ.

  2. The paper template can be downloaded from here. The minimum length is ten pages.

  3. Your paper should be submitted in Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) to paper@energy8.nscj.co.uk

  4. Your submitted paper will be peer reviewed.

  5. The deadline for paper submission is 1 August 2018, with no exceptions regardless of circumstance.

  6. High-quality papers will be selected and published in Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics (JECM). JECM is an open-access journal free to the public. Publication in JECM will usually be charged a fee of £100 (+VAT) per page; however, delegates to the International Symposium on Energy enjoy a 20% discount.

  7. If there are any questions on the paper submission or JECM, please do not hesitate to contact paper@energy8.nscj.co.uk



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