Mission Statement
This symposium series facilitates the multidisciplinary study of energy challenges from an international perspective; it is becoming the leading conference in energy research.

This event is the Eighth International Symposium on Energy.The conference involves multiple disciplines in technology, science, economy and policy-making. The purpose is to gain a complete view of energy challenges and solutions from a global perspective. Detailed topics can be found here.

Impact of symposium series

DoubleTree by Hilton Aberdeen Treetops (Hotel class: 4 stars)
161 Springfield Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 7AQ, United Kingdom

6-9 August 2018

In memory of two Jameses


282 years (1736-2018) since the birth of James Watt, a Scottish Inventor. The unit of power, watt, was named after him. Since James Watt improved efficiency of the steam engine, human civilization relies more and more on a steady energy supply.


200 years (1818-2018) since the birth of James Prescott Joule, an English physicist. The unit of energy, joule, was named after him. James was born in Salford, a metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester.


Who should attend?
Attendees include engineers and scientists in all technological fields related to energy challenges and solutions.

Previous symposia
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