Session Topics

Impact of symposium series

Speakers, please ensure that you remain within your timeslot for your presentation and the extra 5 minutes for Q&A.

Session ID
Session Chair
Edinburgh Energy and environment
Manchester Nuclear energy
Argonne Energy storage
Aachen Energy policy
Oxford Energy efficiency
Waterloo Nexus of water systems, food and energy
Cambridge Nano energy

Energy economy
Washington Biomass conversion technologies
Warsaw Dealing with waste
Uppsala Environmental impact of materials
Beijing China's energy and environmental challenges
Seoul Bioenergy
Berlin Climate change and energy
Haifa Energy security
Dublin Heating and cooling
Juelich Transformation of energy systems
Houston Oil and gas
Spokane Optimizing, greening to smarting
Paris Renewable integration and power distribution
Windsor Fuel cells
Rutgers Porous materials and structures for energy applications
Shanghai Safety and integrity management for the energy industry
Yale Sustainable energy, transportation and urban systems
Arlington Techniques beneficial to the energy sector
Hiroshima Energy and superconductivity
Liverpool Energy harvesting
Dallas Energy catalyst





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